Leather Stand + 500ml Clear Shaker Bottle

26,50 €
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  • Package content: 1 x 500ml Clear Lubricant Bottle
  • This 500 ml accessory is a shaker for making homemade lubricant
  • It is an easy to use opening canister that is ideal for mixing powder and water
  • Inner diameter: 7.8 cm
  • Total height: 24 cm
  • Useful dimensions: 8 x 15cm
  • Made of real leather
  • The bottle is sold empty


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This accessory is composed of the white bottle used to mix the lubricant (ideal for the Fist) - 500ml capacity and the leather support allowing an easier use. Made of real leather. This leather support is designed to place a Shaker type bottle and make sex easier. It can be placed on a belt or on another support to keep it handy at all times. Inner diameter 7.8 cm, Total height 24 cm


Manufacturer: The Red
Category: Special
SKU: 29508