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  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Can also be used without the app
  • Whisper mode
  • Rechargeable
  • Magnetic USB charging cable included
  • Easy to clean
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Time to get hot! With its teardrop-shaped shaft and rounded tip, the Heat Climax+, a curved vibrator, will fill you with targeted P-spot or G-spot and clitoral sensations. Enjoy a realistic experience as this easily bendable and heated unisex vibrator comes to body temperature and matches your energy! Touch the Heat Climax+ with the signature grip of the Vibes collection for a better hold and more comfort. The Heat Climax+ is equipped with a wide base on the bottom for a safe adventure. Use the additional clitoral stimulator, which can also be used to stimulate the perineum, to further enhance your experience. The Heat Climax+ is Bluetooth-enabled and connects to the award-winning, free Satisfyer Connect app. This allows you to control the powerful motors independently and customize your pleasure. Made of body-safe silicone, the Heat Climax+ is rechargeable and waterproof (IPX7) - nothing can beat this Climax+!

With its bent stimulator, the Heat Climax+ stimulates both the prostate and the sensitive tissues of the perineum. Two motors activate powerful vibrations, while the heating function of the silicone guarantees realistic sensations.

Compatible with the free Satisfyer app - available for iOS and Android.
The combination of sensual heating function and vibrations provides intense stimulation
Suitable for all genders
Sensual stimulation through vibration and heat
Sensual stimulation of the prostate
Body friendly silicone

Satisfyer Heat Climax+: Warming vibrator with app control
Enjoy double stimulation of your hot spots with the Satisfyer Heat Climax+ with app control! The anal vibrator is equipped with 2 motors, each located in the two shafts of the vibrator. The pleasant heat function also provides an authentic, realistic feeling with a temperature of 39°, just like body heat. Thanks to its curved, ergonomic shape, the Satisfyer Heat Climax+ is ideal for a prostate massage: the smooth, rounded tip hits your hot spot directly. Meanwhile, the small shaft provides additional perineal stimulation with exciting vibrations. But the Heat Climax+ can also provide incredible pleasure on the G-spot and clitoris: the warming vibrator is unisex and can be used by either sex. Don't forget to clean and disinfect the vibrator thoroughly if you want to use it vaginally after anal stimulation.

What are the other benefits of the Satisfyer Heat Climax+?
You can intuitively control the 12 preset programs of the Satisfyer Heat Climax+ using the control panel on the handle of the sexual wellness device. You love it when things get wild? No problem, because with the practical retaining ring you always have everything under control. And it gets even better: the heated vibrator can also be controlled with the free Satisfyer Connect app, which is available for iOS and Android and offers you exciting features like remote control, music vibrations or a vibration designer. There are so many features to discover - what are you waiting for? The Satisfyer Heat Climax+ is made of body-friendly silicone and is especially hygienic and gentle on your skin. Thanks to its waterproofness (IPX7), this pleasure bringer can also be taken into the shower or bathtub. You can recharge the integrated batteries with the included USB charging cable.

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