Glas Bling Bling Glass 3 pc Anal Training Kit

60,12 €
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  • Perfect for anal Training
  • 3-piece set features plugs in graduated sizes
  • Made of smooth, firm glass
  • Body-safe and easy to clean
  • Tapered tip of each plug allows easy insertion
  • Flat, flared base keeps plug comfortably in place
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The Gläs 3-Piece Bling Bling Glass Anal Training Kit feels as great as it looks. Made of premium glass, the three butt plugs in this set offer not only stunning visual appeal, but also, are user-friendly and convenient for couples who have embarked on their anal journey. The butt plugs come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. For novices, the small butt plug can be an ideal gateway to anal play. And as users become more experienced and more comfortable, they can graduate to the medium size followed by the large size. There is no required timeline when users are exploring anal pleasure; users can proceed at the pace they are the most comfortable with, starting with the smallest of the three and not moving on to the two larger sizes until they are fully comfortable with a larger size. And all three sizes are gorgeous, aesthetically captivating works of art.

Manufacturer: Glas
Category: Sets
SKU: E32838